Suicide Prevention Essay Describing Why Prevention Is Important Ok State Speech Persuasive Essay

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Suicide Prevention Stamper
Join Me and Be #OnAMissionForSuicidePrevention
Persuasive II Presentation: Motivate Action
Mikaela Stamper
SPCH 2713, CRN 628-22
Dr. Burns
Oklahoma State University
October, 2017
Topic: Suicide Prevention Organization Pattern: Motivated Sequence
Specific Purpose: At the end of this speech, the audience will be encouraged to be on a mission for suicide prevention.
Thesis statement: Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens, and is labeled as a silent epidemic. This is a huge problem, and that’s why I want you to join me and be on a mission for suicide prevention.
Join Me and Be #OnAMissionForSuicidePrevention
I. Introduction (Attention Step)
A. Gain Attention: It was a Tuesday, the second day of school my freshman year. I was in Spanish, there was a knock on the door. Our school counselor said Mikaela I need to see you. When I met her in the hall she told me my mom was going to meet us in her office. I immediately knew something was wrong. My mom sat me down and said baby I don’t know how to tell you this, but we lost Blake this morning. He has taken his own life.
B. Establish Audience-Topic Connection: August 27, 2013 was the day my world changed forever, in more ways that any of you could imagine. Did you know that we lose a teenager every 16 minutes to suicide? 4 out of 5 teens show signs, so suicide is preventable, but no one realizes how common this “silent epidemic” is.
C. Credibility: I’m Mikaela Stamper, and over the last 4 years I have been trained for prevention and passed a suicide prevention law in Texas because this really hits home for me.
Thesis/Preview: Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens, and is labeled as a silent epidemic. This is a huge problem, and that’s why I want you to join me and be on a mission for suicide prevention. We will discuss facts and the actions to be taken for suicide prevention.
D. Transition into Body of Presentation: How many of you know someone who has committed suicide or attempted? Those people are apart of the statistics I am about to talk about.
II. Body
A. Establish Need Step
1. Description of Problem: About 2/3 of people who commit suicide are depressed at their time of death.
a. Depression that is untreated or undiagnosed is the number 1 cause of suicide. (Hope,2013)
b. 1 out of 5 teens contemplate suicide (Flatt, 2016)
c. Suicide costs the US $51 billion annually (AFSP, 2017)
B. Importance of Problem: Suicide is a preventable death.
d. 4 out of 5 teens show signs before. (Flatt, 2016).
e. The victim almost always makes it very clear they are going to commit suicide. (Hope, 2013)
f. Suicide is a silent epidemic because people think it shouldn’t be talked about when in reality it’s the opposite and needs to be talked about. (Flatt, 2016)
2. Extent of Problem: Like I stated earlier suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens.
a. Each year (Flatt, 2016)
b. More teenagers die...

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