Suicide Rates In Kent & Sussex County Among Youth Ages 12 24

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These youth are being exposed to numerous risk factors that are going untreated and unaddressed. According to Crosby et al., (2013), 34% of the nonfatal cases have a history of victimization or abuse, typically sexual abuse. Approximately 20% of the nonfatal cases had a history of some type of substance abuse (Crosby et al., 2013). Of the nonfatal cases 42% reported having a history of suicidal ideations prior to their most current attempt. Approximately 41% of nonfatal cases had reported a history of depression and 47% reported receiving mental health services in the past (Crosby et al., 2013). This information is important because it shows that the primary issue is not actually suicide but rather the trauma or stressors that this population is experiencing. Social workers, the community and other concerned individuals can use this information to begin to understand, address and/or eliminate some if not most of the risk factors that this particular population is exposed to. If these issues and problems go untreated the cost of not addressing could be fatal and possibly detrimental socially and economically. The suicide rates will most likely continue to increase. The exposure to certain risk factors coupled with the increase of suicides could dramatically traumatize many individuals. As a result it may have adverse effects which may prove to be significantly costly at that level to address the issues.
All communities suffer some degree of inequitable distribution of income, opportunity, political representation, personal safety, or other social resources (Netting, Kettner, McMurtry, & Thomas, 2012). Social workers must determine the group that will be selected as the target population, recognizing that a large variety of population might be in need (Netting et al., 2012). According to Netting, Kettner, McMurtry, and Thomas (2012), some groups may not define their community by their borders. For example, a Muslim populace in America may not identify with just those in their community. Due to the attacks on September 9, 2011, Muslims have been targeted and badgered for their ethnic views (Jansson, 2012). During these stressful moments, they may identify with multiple Muslims communities scattered throughout the town, city, and state.
When traumatic situations arise, each response should be handled independently. Services and programs should reflect individual personalities, cultures, and needs. It is important that a plan is conceptualized, investigated, evaluate, and implemented to begin an outreach for youths, or a target population. During this study, there will be a number of goals that will be established, after identifying a population at risk, their needs, and an attainable goal. Creating an issue campaign strategy chart and advocacy goal will layout the format and actions needed to achieve success.
It is extremely important for those involved to realize the target populace for planning...

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