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Suicide Society Essay

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Suicide bombing has become an increasingly common weapon of choice among terrorists around the world. It is extremely dangerous and lethal, and has evolved over the past decade as a very simple yet effective means of terrorism. While the psychological aspect(s) of the ordeal can be very complex and vary between each individual case, the effects on society are consistently similar. Suicide bombing creates public fear all over the world, and has given Middle Eastern countries bad reputations because of stereotyping and misunderstandings. This is evident in Gerald Seymour’s The Walking Dead, Malorie Blackman’s Checkmate and Mike McPheter’s Lit Fuse. Suicide bombing has caused a general fear of ...view middle of the document...

They are not seen as martyrs to anyone but themselves; to the rest of the world, they are wreaking have and destruction on innocent people and places, and are therefore considered terrorists.
Over the last decade, suicide terrorism has become one of the most pervasive and critical threats to the security of the United States because of its effectiveness. According to the FAS, suicide attacks have increased noticeably between 2001 and 2003 (Suicide Bombing 10). Because it is not easy to prevent or detect, suicide bombing has been a primary choice for terrorists for decades, and, in The Walking Dead, is described as “the most efficient weapon you can dream of ... he or she can go right to the core of the target. The accuracy in the delivery of the explosion … cannot be bettered” (131). It allows for close range and maximum destruction, which is the ideal outcome for terrorists. Because of its versatility and lack of detectability, more and more terrorist groups have started to favor suicide bombing as their tactic of choice.
The destruction from suicide attacks usually leads to a negative psychological effect on the public, which in turn has led to a domino effect of social, political and economic deterioration across entire nations. A suicide attacks insinuate fear, intimidation, panic, and loss of security. This is addressed in Lit Fuse: “The fear and anxiety … would produce an irreversible mental anxiety throughout the entire nation” (McPheters). Many people lose trust and faith in the government in terms of national protection and security after a suicide bombing attack. They also avoid shopping malls, tourist attractions and other popular, largely populated areas because they are afraid of the potential danger, which in turn hurts the nation’s economy. Because suicide bombing is often tied to Middle East in some way, outside cultures and societies have also come to wrongly judge and associate the general Muslim population with suicide terrorism.
One of the biggest misconceptions about suicide bombing is that it is a practice that advocated by Islamic faith, and that all Muslims are “terrorists”. However, suicide in any form, in fact, is actually against Islamic religion, which is stated in Lit Fuse: “suicide bombing is the same as suicide, which … [is] not allowed in Islam” (McPheters). While many suicide bombers often have Islamic ties, the majority of the general Muslim population is innocent. The world perception of Muslims, however, has unfortunately been permanently tainted due to suicide bombing. The poem “To a Suicide Bomber” is written from the point of view of an innocent Middle Easterner who experiences this firsthand and writes:
Because of you, your own people suffer;/Because of you Oppression speaks louder./Because of you, my religion reels in shame./Because of you, two countries lie in ruins./Because of you, a deserted nation suffers (Habib 1).
Habib expresses the damage that suicide terrorism causes not only to a physical...

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