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Suicide: The Only Option? Essay

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“Suicide on teenagers”
Teenagers all around the world are having millions of suicidal thought running through their minds. Even if they have a happy childhood when they grow up and become adolescents, they can become suicidal.(Berman , 2006). There are several different factors that contribute to make a teenager think suicide is the only solution. Depression, bullying, lack of parent's attention are just some of many causes that lead to a teenager's suicide. In the United States suicide is the third cause of death in teenagers between 15-24 years old (Gould, 2004). Studies have shown that having a gun in the house is a big contributor to suicide. Many other causes can involve psychological issues like depression, a bipolar disorder, alcohol & drug abuse, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, lack of support (parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.) Suicide also changes between boys and girls. Suicidal thought are more common in girls but the methods they use are less effective like medicine abuse or cutting themselves, unlike boys that use more powerful and efficient methods like guns, hanging themselves or jumping from a high spot(Achilles, 2004). Whether you think a person is happy or not we still have to look out for suicidal signs or weird behavior that shows they are having suicidal thoughts (Beautrais, 2008). It's not hard to know if someone wants to commit suicide and here I will mention some of the main clues to know if someone wants to commit suicide, preventions and treatments.
As I mentioned before, suicide is caused by mental problems. The main one is depression and loneliness. Many parents may think it’s just a stupid problem that will just go away with the as their kids grow old and mature but if it’s not detected on time they might find themselves emptying their child’s room before they expected. There are some important premonitions parents should keep an eye for. Alcohol and drug abuse are serious factors that can lead to suicidal feelings in a teenagers. Many famous cases of artists who have committed “mélange” were related to liquor and narcotics. Another warning can be drawing back from friends and family and being more self-conducted. They don’t want to know any more about the outside world. Changes in appetite and sleeping habits are also important symptoms teenagers may show when they feel suicidal. These are just some examples of the most important contributors to suicidal thoughts. Others can be: tearfulness or frequent crying, loss of interest in extracurricular activities, fatigue, restlessness and agitations and lack of enthusiasm and motivation (Smith, Suzanne & Jeanne, 2013). Not all teenagers have a high risk of becoming suicidal. Mental problems at a young age can be big lead-outs to have...

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