Suicide Will Condemn One To Hell

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Suicide Will Condemn One to Hell

     Suicide is the only simple act that gives man absolute control of his life. Everyone from an early age contemplates and fantasizes with the idea of being able to end their life. Throughout time, this act has become more accepted, and easier to accomplish. Many people today believe there are reasons to justifiably end one’s own life. Though, through Christianity, it is found that not only is suicide wrong, but is the only simple act that will condemn one to hell.
     Suicide is not really suicide when it deals with children. From childhood, people are tempted with the idea of suicide. Children, from the media, their friends and family are introduced with this idea from an early age. Though, there are not many cases where children commit suicide, there are a few instants that leave survivors puzzled. The difficult part about child suicide is, how old do you have to be to realize what you are doing. If a child does not know what they are doing is wrong, by committing suicide, it is not suicide. When the child does not know what they are doing, then the suicide changes from murder to an accident.
     Another instance, in which suicide could be justified as not wrong, is when it deals with the mentally unstable. This is also like child suicide, because the insane are not capable of judging right from wrong. No one knows the degree of sanity one needs to be able to decipher their own actions, so this is also completely left up to the individual. For example, when an elderly individual is overcome with Alzheimer’s, they are no longer able to make rational decisions. These people feel the pain of the disease, and look to the quick cure of suicide. The...

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