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Suitable Job For A Student Essay

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Suitable Job for a Russian StudentTerm PaperIntroductionA great number of students and teenagers nowadays are taking part in living independently from the parents. Sometimes young people still continue living with their families, but try not to rely upon them in financial issues. Taking a student job is the mark of living life on your own, not depending on career, mood, or prejudice of other family members. Working helps teenagers to become responsible and hardworking adults and to decide on the career path to pursue in the future. This also gives an individual several invaluable skills, such as skills of money management, time management, customer service ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, attitude of friends and relatives may distract a job-seeker sometimes. It may seem a kind of offensive going to work while others are going partying or resting. But the reward and feeling of satisfaction when finally getting the first pay check will exceed all the expectations.Being still a student, this year I began to feel the need to achieve some financial independence from my parents and getting some working experience, necessary for my future career. I understood that I need a student job. This solving of this issue is quite critical for me; it needs some new and innovative decision. In my term paper I tried to apply several techniques, taught in Problem Solving Course, to decide this problem and find a suitable job for me.Analysis of the problemTo start with, I would like to analyze the problem that is covered in the paper. Being an eighteen-year-old third-year student of a business school without any sufficient working experience I got an intention to find a suitable job in Irkutsk. There were some very crucial criteria - the job should have been part-time, preferably taking afternoon part of the day of even flextime, related to management, English language, or my interests, with the wage over $300 per month.First of all, I listed some of my skills that could be used in my future job. Here is the list:Advanced knowledge of EnglishGood knowledge in playing pianoGood knowledge of guiding due to finished guiding courses(+a diploma)Web-design on PHPTaking photos(posses a professional camera and object glasses)Hand-made design(ability to make postcards, photo albums, and knit some not complicated items)Obviously, there were a plenty of almost opposite skills that could be used in my job hunting.Next of all it was decided to conduct an overview of Irkutsk job market. It was done with a help of a local weekly newspaper "Rabota v Sibiri" ("Job in Siberia") (November 6, 2010). The job market of Irkutsk was analyzed from the viewpoint of an ordinary job-seeking person. The newspaper offered a great variety of different positions divided into several sections according to the specialty. Several most suitable sections, according to the skills listed above, were chosen from this list - white-collar job, education and culture, tourism, retail trade, IT. Analysis of vacancies of white-collar job market showed that the most popular vacancies are office-manager, secretary, and administrator (48 ads). Wages varies from $300 to $1200 per month; age of applicants should be from 25 to 40 years. Job-seekers should have finished higher education and good knowledge of computer and office equipment. In education and culture part most demanded specialties were teachers of languages and sport instructors (17 ads). Wage rate is from $10 to $35 per hour; no age limits considered. Almost all ads require undergoing of internship. In tourism industry there were no ads at all. Retail trade industry needs salespeople (more then 100 ads). In this area wage varies...

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