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Summarise The Differences In Impact Between The Flooding In Boscastle On The 16th August 2004 And The Flooding In Bangladesh In The Summer Of 1998...

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The impacts of the flooding in Bangladesh were much more severe than those in Boscastle due to scale and economic development. For the lower income country we use the example of Bangladesh. For a higher income area we use the example of Boscastle.
One of the social differences between the impacts of the flooding in Boscastle and Bangladesh was the scale. An example of this is the difference in the death tolls. In Bangladesh 1,300 people died whereas in Boscastle no one died. This was not just as cause of flooding but also a cause of disease spreading due to the impacts of the flooding in Bangladesh. The scale of people affected meant that disease spread quickly but this impact is more directly relevant to economic development. Another example of the scale was the amount of land which is interlinked with the amount of people affected. The entire of Boscastle was flooded but it is only a small village so not many people were affected as a result of it. The entirety of Bangladesh was flooded; this is incredibly large in scale to Boscastle. Bangladesh is 15 times bigger than the UK, it will be even larger compared to a small village in the UK. This is one obvious example showing the scale of the two flooding cases. Another example that shows the scale difference was the impact of the damage to the houses. For example 6 houses were destroyed compared to 7 million homes were destroyed in Bangladesh. This meant that $3.3 million worth of damage in Boscastle compared to a huge $1 billion in Bangladesh. These figures definitely represent the differences in impacts between the two locations. The scale of the actually rainfall was different. Boscastle suffered from flash flooding and short intense flashes of rain however Bangladesh faced much longer monsoon style rainfall. The intensity and scale of water was higher in Bangladesh and this meant the impacts lasted longer and were more severe.
An additional economical difference between the flooding in Boscastle and Bangladesh is the two differing economic developments between the countries. For example Boscastle is a high income country and Bangladesh is a Lower...

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