Summarize The Business And Technology Problems Created By The September 11th 2001 Attack On The World Trade Center.

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Valentina GjoniManagement Information SystemProfessor: CarlsonCase Study1. Summarize the business and technology problems created by the September 11th 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.Planning for the Worst ScenarioEvery business must ensure the work to get done whatever happens. For every company exist the balance sheet Critical Assets and the Liabilities\ Costs.As the first matter the company's assets number one are the people and their equipment. That means will cost insurance such is health, safety a warranty replacement. Secondly is the Data Quality problem. Data has to be always accurate, an inaccurate, untimely or inconsistent can cause serious operational and financial problems. If this happens it means that the mistake started since in the beginning of inputting information on wrong order or mistakenly name files on wrong order. To prevent all this Bank of New York needed to have the system called "Fault-Tolerant Computer System" that contain extra hardware, software, and power supply components that can back up the system and keep it running to prevent Data loss. This Disaster Recovery gets data back and online from dynamic backups, even though the hardware, programs, data files and other equipment have been destroyed. Also good choice for the companies is to rent the equipment then buying them since it maintain up-to-date systems. This leads up to the Maintenance Nightmare that it cost a lot of money for the process of modifying a system in production use. Most of the times this happens because the organizational structure or authorities change. Whereas instantly errors can occur during the analysis and new designing without costing a lot. But if it takes place after programming, testing or conversion has been completed then will cost enormous. Because a minor logic error would take 1 hour to correct. The best solutions to protect from this Disaster are best to practices and find methodologies to act fast as the WTC did in our case. It needs time and effort plus cost to practice but this is not compatible with the loss results from disaster. It takes strength to follow all this steps but this is the best solution to "be ready for terrorism." It is important that only certain authorities can access information by passwords. At this point the MIS audit takes control to govern individual information systems and assesses their effectiveness. To accomplish this must obtain a thorough understanding of operations, physical facilities, telecommunications, control systems, data security objectives, organizational structure, personnel, manual procedures, and individual applications. How to prevent all this? First is to be secure in technology area. Some of the secured software are the Firewall, Encryption prevents hackers from destroying stealing data on launching attacks from your servers. Encryption- scramble and coding of messages to prevent unauthorized access to or understanding of the data being transmitted. Usually over Public...

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