Summarizing Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance

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In Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama, the author is troubled by a band of mixed emotions. Confusion and desperateness lead the author to go in search of the future that will help him find his place in life.
In the beginning of his autobiography, the author describes himself as a person with no signs of self-identity. On his arrival to New York City Obama explains he had nowhere to stay or any sufficient monetary funds to at least rent a motel room which is cheaper than a hotel room. Undecided on what to do Obama decides to search his pockets and finds a letter. This was a letter his father had written to him. The letter stated that whenever Obama wanted to visit his father in Kenya, he would be welcome and arrangements would be made as to how long he would be allowed to stay. Reading this letter made Obama wonder about his place in life. Obama was a young teenage boy confused to know his father was never there. Obama was mad at the fact he had reached New York City and had no one to welcome him. Yet, Obama was mostly sad to know his father had another family who didn’t suffer the things Obama suffered since their father was a man with a reputable position in government.
It was hard for Obama to know that his father was the person whom he had the most resemblance in terms of physical appearance and he was never around. There were so many questions and confusions in Obama’s head. His mother was a white woman and he was black. Obama was in the need of finding a community where he would feel welcome. Despite Obama’s traumas produced by the deficiency of his father’s presence Obama proved to be very smart. He was a student at Columbia University. He was one of the few black students that went to Colombia University and this was a success and an achievement in Obama’s life. With school Obama met many people whom he considered friends. Many of them were graduating that same year he had moved from Los Angeles to New York City. It was also in school that Obama met one of his friends named Marcus. Obama believed that Marcus was an individual in search of answers just like himself. Obama explains that Marcus was a lost individual in search of his African self.
Obama underwent many struggles in his life’s Journey. On his first day in New York City he slept somewhere in the street because he didn’t have money or a place to go. The only place he could go was to a friend’s house who wasn’t there the first time Obama went knocking on his door. Obama remembers his friend told him he worked in a bar somewhere in Manhattan. Therefore, Obama’s only hope was to try to knock once again early in the morning of the next day. The next morning Obama went knocking at his friend’s door. His friend, Sadik, received him and helped him out. Sadik explained that New...

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