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Summary Of Percy Jackson Quest Essay

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Percy stranded and lost, amnesiac, and running from the gorgons, finds Camp Jupiter, the roman camp for demigods. He makes friends with Frank and Hazel. Together, they win Capture the Flag for fifth Cohort. Mars then claims Frank as his son and issues a quest to save Thanatos, the greek god of death, from LAceonus, a giant born to oppose Pluto, and issues Frank as the quest leader.
The trio must face many challenges such as basaliks, Amazons (a women tribe),karopis, gryphons, and very poor supplies. They also learn a lot about each other. Percy and Frank learn Hazel was deaad and came back to life, Frank’s life depends on a burning stick, and Percy is greek. Percy regains his memory after drinking gorgon blood to destroy Phineas. They also acquire the fastest horse in the world to escape the amazons, Arion. With Arion’s help, they reach Hubbard Glaacier, wehre they run right into a trap.
A hundred shades of once living demigods surround them, beyond Thanatos’s control. Alceonus appears and taunts them. Thanatos tells them that only the burning stick that Frank’s life depends on can free him and let monsters die again. Frank willingly lets his stick burn, knowing he will die to free Thanatos. Meanwhile, Percy protects Frank from the 100 dead-demigod army and HAzel and Arion battle Alceonus. Ammazingly, Frank frees Thanatos without totally consuming the stick, but there is only a few centimeters left. Percy destroys the powerful army over and over again with his amazing powers, but they keep coming back to life. Eventually, Percy is getting overwhelmed the army and is on the very edge of the cliff, the army surrounding him. Frank steps foreward, ready to help Percy, but then he hears HAzel scream in pain as Alxceonus gets a lucky hit on her and Arion. Percy yells at Frank to help Hazel, claiing he had it under control. Frank knew he didn’t, but he ran to HAzel. He knew he would be too late, so he transformed into an eagle and scratched Alceonus’s eye. He helped Hazel up, then beat Alceonus up as a bear until Alceonus was knocked out. Frank wanted Arion to...

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