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Summary Of The Film Seabiscuit Essay

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The movie Seabiscuit is based on the true story of Red Pollard and his achievement of self-fulfillment through his success as a jockey. At the start of the movie, Red is an unimportant, self-doubting boxer and jockey who has never experienced success in his life. As the movie continues, Red meets two other men, Charles Howard and Jim Smith, who feel as though they have no purpose in life. Throughout the course of the movie, these three men are able to use their passions and motivation to become a successful horse racing team. By the conclusion of Seabiscuit, Red, Charles, and Jim have changed from depressed, unhappy men to an inspiration for all of America. Seabiscuit is a uniquely American film because it tells of the fulfillment of the American dream through Red Pollard and his coworkers, who rise from a life of depression and failure to an inspiring life of success.
As a child, Red grows up in a wealthy household where he is taught how to ride. When the Great Depression struck America, Red’s family lost their money, forcing him to leave his home and work poorly paid jobs as a jockey and caretaker for stables. While working these miscellaneous jobs, Red meets a man named Jim Smith. Jim and his friend Charles Howard ask Red to race their new horse named Seabiscuit, who has a reputation for losing. The more time that Red spends racing Seabiscuit, the more Red begins to appreciate and care for the horse. The appreciation and respect for Seabiscuit develops into a relationship that makes them an unbeatable pair. Seabiscuit and Red start winning all of their races, causing both Red and Seabiscuit fame.
As their fame continues to increase, Jim, Charles, and Red find hope in the...

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