Summary: “Bringing Human Right Home” Chicago And Illinois Gun Violence English 1102 Research Summary

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This article focuses on major events that has caused Chicago to become violent. The article states, “The reasons for gun violence in Chicago are complex. Poverty, unemployment, lack of access to education, and the fragmentation of gangs across the city are some of the factors that are at play.” Not to mention the city of Chicago decided to close fifty schools, placing thousands of children at risk to violence and even death. Compared to other larger cities like New York and Los Angeles, Chicago homicide rate is alarmingly higher. Violence in Chicago affects everyone in the city, however it particularly places danger on the youth, who are both the perpetrators and victims in these awful events. “From 2008-2012, almost half of Chicago’s 2389 homicide were killed before their 25th birthday.”
Chicago violence mostly takes place in the cities west and south-side, with gun crime being most prominent in neighborhoods with high rates of unemployment and poverty. “The city of Chicago as a whole has an extreme poverty rate of nearly ten percent, with more than 260,000 households living in extreme poverty.” Chicago reportedly has one of the highest gang populations in the United States. According to police, it estimated that Chicago...

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