Review Of A Shot In The Light

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Review of A Shot in the Light

The narrator is a naïve person. He believes in the best of people. It
does not even cross his mind that Ray could ever hurt him. He trusts
Ray. After only two days with a person he has never seen before, he
trusts him. He gives Ray clothes, money, food and a reason to believe.
He is a salesman with a van and some few things. He is not wealthy. He
makes his living. And though he has not much to give he still gives.

Ray is a player. How can he make the narrator believe in him? What
does he do to make it that way? The person we see, shooting the
narrator is a part of Ray. The person we see, after shooting the
narrator is also a part of Ray. Ray has a split personality and only
shows the good part to the narrator in the beginning. But though he at
the shot also shows the narrator the 'bad' part of his personality,
the narrator still likes him. It makes him furious. How can the
narrator still like him? It is difficult for him to understand.

These two persons are like God and Satan. God believes in the good in
people, and Satan does not have that quality.

The narrator is God, who believes in anyone, who sees the good and who
forgives even great mistakes. God trusts in people. God sees the
person in people, Satan does not.

Ray is Satan. Satan can play good, but are evil. He makes God believe
in him.

"Why were you so damn nice to me, man? … It made it harder to kill
you."[1] says Ray.

It made it harder to kill the narrator, yes. -But Ray still did it!?
Satan does not show his feelings. He will not have any feelings.
Though he likes this man, he still shots him. He cannot let his
feelings get in his way.

Then something happens. The narrator did not die. Then what? Something
changes inside Ray. Maybe there is not only Satan hidden inside of
him? Maybe there is something good also?

He is shocked. God did not die. God cannot die. He will live on
forever. But can Satan die? Can he be replaced?

"A Shot in the Light".

Ray cannot kill the goodness in the narrator by shooting him. By being
evil. This is only a single try of evilness against the world of
goodness. One little shot cannot defeat the good. But perhaps the
little shot from an evil can defeat the evil?

The story is called "A Shot in the Light" because it is nothing more
than a single try to defeat the good. It is no big thing. Only a
little shot in a world of light. It cannot do any harm.

Maybe Ray sees the light after shooting against it? Maybe the light
can defeat the evil inside Ray?

Though the narrator does not know it, the good is looking after him:
"This light, this power inside me was so strong, though I had no idea
where it came from."[2]

All the good in world goes together and helps the narrator.

On that background...

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