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Summary Of A New Board Game For Children

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Summary of Game
This board game is specially catered for children between the ages of 6 – 15 years. The main objective of this board game is to test the children’s knowledge mainly on four (4) different categories which are General Knowledge, Food, Language and Entertainment. Their ability will be tested in answering the questions raised while playing the board game. The children will need to answer the questions based on the position that they have landed.
In order to play this game, the children will need 2 playing board, 1 nine sided dice, 8 avatars which are 4 cones and 4 coins, penalty cards, chance cards, 1 set of questions and answer sheets as well as 1 set of game manual.
The proceedings of the game can be simplified as follows. If the player is able to answer the question correctly, the player is allowed to move a step forward and take a chance card and move/act accordingly. If the player fails to answer the question the player are too remained in the spot they are originally on and not allowed to move a step forward, the player is also required to take a penalty card and move/act accordingly. The game ends when someone reaches the end of the board and wins the game or the game master ran out of questions in any of the categories, and the player who is the closest to the goal wins the game. The Winner of the game are granted a single chance to punish the player who is the furthest from the goal line in whichever (non-harmful way) the winner see fits.
Definition of Theories and Techniques
There a quite a number of theories and techniques that have been utilized in designing this game. An example will be self-efficacy, a concept under the social cognitive theory. The concept of self-efficacy was developed from a larger theory known as Social Cognitive Theory which later on developed into Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura A., 1994).
Albert Bandura has noted that an individual’s skills such as cognitive, attitudes and abilities comprised as self-system. The self-system has a huge role in how a person perceives the situation around them and in turn, behaves to the scenarios as a response (Bandura A. , 1977). The definition of self-efficacy can be summarized as an individual’s belief system of their capabilities, either on thinking, behaving and feeling in succeeding in a certain scenario (Watson J. , 1913).
Anyone can have their own goals in achieving something that they want or to change things. This is when self-efficacy plays a major role in a person’s approach in different challenges, tasks and goals (Bandura A., 1992). As for this board game, a player with a strong self-efficacy will view the board game as a challenge that need to be won, have good interest in the game they are currently playing, will be able to develop a strong commitment towards the board game and recover at once from any disappointments if punished during the game (Bandura A., 1977).
Social learning theory...

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