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Summary Of African Novel, No Longer At Ease By Chinua Achebe

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Clara Okeke is a young ,trained nurse who is presented in the novel as a character who finds it difficult to adapt to the Nigerian society before independence. She is the fiance of the protagonist, Obi Okonkwo who she first meets at a dance in England. Though said to be Ibo, Clara is educated abroad and lives a very modern lifestyle much like that of the protagonist. Right from the beginning of the story, we see her relationship with Obi as a very unstable one with many disagreements and quarrels. It is revealed as the story progresses that, she is an Osu and belongs to a group of people known to be outcasts in the Nigerian society of the 1960s where the story is set.

Right from the beginning of the story, readers are made to see Clara as a very educated young woman and strong-minded, though she is not portrayed as very intellectual. Unlike Obi, Clara is bound tightly to her tradition. Achebe portrays Clara's strong attachment to her tradition,to offer an index to the culture of class society in Nigeria. As the story goes on, Obi notices Clara's unhapinness as they drive through town and asks her what is wrong. After several attempts of trying to get her to answer, Clara replies saying,"I can't marry you." And explains saying," I am an osu." The fact that Clara says she "cannot marry" Obi because of her ancestry, does not only show her strong respect for her culture but also, her strong attatchment to her tradition. On hearing this, Obi screams "Nonsense!". The exclamation mark suggests Obi's strong dissaproval of the point Clara raises and also emphasizes his resentment. Here, Obi is portrayed as 'very' angry to bring out the fact that, he has fallen in love with a woman who can never be a part of the social class he belongs to. As the story progresses, Achebe reveals to readers that the class that Clara belongs to, is probably the lowest possible class. After Clara breaks the news to him, Obi says to his friend Joseph" I am going to marry her.". He says this in full confidence though it is against his tradition. Achebe makes Obi say this so that it seems as if the fact that Clara is an outcast does not bother him at all.

With the help of Clara's character traits, Achebe is able to project the character of Obi. Clara shows herself to be a very caring and loving character. On the boat ride back to Nigeria, Clara coincindently rides on the same boat with Obi. Though Clara pays no attention to Obi throughout the boat ride, when Obi falls sea sick, she appears at the door of his cabin with some tablets. Obi shows some sign of gratitude and at the same time, concern for her not having enough tablets for herself. After receiving the tablets, Obi says "thank you very much" though Clara is very cold to him in the beginning. This portrays Obi as a very grateful and appreciative person. Achebe uses the word" very" to emphasise to show the extent of Obi's gratitude. Through Clara's kind and caring action, Achebe portrays Obi also as a caring character....

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