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Overview Of Cyber Security Essay

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Online security breaching is criminal activity that can happen from any part of the world through the hacking of any infrastructure. Most breaches are done through the falsifying and personal information or even a breach of security stemming from lack of security. Now that more and more crime is happening over the internet there many different aspects to security as a whole. Due to the drastic increase in modern cybercrime the police, information technology specialists, detectives, and even the government need to work together to find a solution. Law enforcement can provide security measures to prevent security issues, “law officials take significant actions against preventing major security breaches” (Kak & Parakh, 2009 p.426). In the world of online security there are many divisions that must be tracked as well as prevented. Those divisions consist of an entire economic society that affects the criminal, victim, and overall worldwide economy. While some may debate that giving the government the ability to track the public’s internet usage is an invasion of privacy, limits one’s freedom of speech, and unnecessary it is crucial to develop a method to protect the public from those who seeks to attack a higher security structure.
Security breaches come within a place where an individual has higher security clearance than others. It is extremely unfortunate that trust can be a problem having the wrong individual at the helm of important material. This type of person can be very difficult to prevent due to the employees easy user access of the computers and access to private information. Most importantly businesses must be aware these crimes occurring and always be mindful with giving employees the access to important personal information. Federal agencies, businesses, and general public are potential victims of any type of breach of unauthorized personal information. Access can be granted through by the wrong individual lurking through files or computers that are housing personal information. Although individuals can breach unauthorized information “Government officials look to provide training for IT professionals to prevent unauthorized access” (Etzioni, 2011 p.58). Victim can respond to individuals sending falsifying emails attempting to access to bank accounts and other personal information. Some information can be obtained by employing the wrong individual and giving them access to information with such importance. Sometimes these requests may not come in email form but rather a website that looks identical to a legitimate site. Many of these websites are extremely convincing and difficult to distinguish between the real ones. Educating people on the presence of online security and techniques to avoid fraud is crucial to prevent the success of these criminals.
Viruses are another type of security breach that is destructive to personal information. Viruses can come from emails, popups, unsecure sites, or hackers simply...

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