Summary Of Dracula Chapters 3 4 English Composition I Assignment

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English Composition I
Professor Sutliff
02 September 2017
Dracula Summary Chapters 3-4
As I started reading chapters 3 and 4 of Dracula I really couldn’t put the novel down because things really started getting interesting. At the beginning of chapter 3 Harker questions Dracula about the history of Transylvania. Dracula speaks to Harker of the country's people and battles. He also boasts about his family's name. Dracula makes Harker write letters to his fiancée and employer saying he is extending his stay. Dracula warns Harker to never fall asleep anywhere in the castle other than his own room. Harker hangs the crucifix he was given above his bed. After he hangs the crucifix he sees Dracula crawling down the castle wall from out the window. A few evenings later Harker forces his way into a locked room and falls asleep. Harker is visited by three women with sharp teeth who have a special way of seducing Harker. Just as one of those women places her lips on Harker's neck Dracula appears. He tells the women to leave him alone and when he is finally done with Harker they will have their turn. Dracula then offers the three women a bag containing a half-smothered child and they then begin to fade away.
Harker wakes up the next morning in his own bed not sure if the night before was a dream. Dracula makes Harker write letters to his fiancée and employer dated for June even though it is only May. He made Harker put in the letter that he left to return home. Harker tries to give a secret letter to the gypsies but Dracula...

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