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Overview Of Every Child Matters Essay

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Where a child is thought to be suffering or likely to suffer considerable harm, the local authority is requisite under section 47 of the Children Act 1989 to make enquiries. Every Child Matters was enacted as a green paper alongside the Laming report (Laming 2003) emphasising on exploring a preventive approach pertaining to social work as opposed to reactive child protection methods. Amie Newton (4 yrs) has been brought to the hospital casualty department by her mother. On examination she is found to have a newly broken left leg. She also has an old, fading bruise at the back of her right thigh, measuring about 15cm by 1cm. She is slightly underweight and has a miserable appearance. The case study will approach its remit by exploring Furlong and Cartmel (1999)’s school of thought; their study set out to determine that many crimes are committed by adults. Amie Newton appears as a child subjected to ‘normal’ crime and victimisation of children behind closed doors according to (Brammer 2010). The study will undertake a design to explore the traditional parameters and how relevant they are to the guide of the legal framework and substantive law pertaining to social work. The study will further give in-depth analysis into Amie Newton’s family background and discusses the anti-discriminatory practice and the growing influence of the Human rights Act of 1989. As for the hypothesis posed, it will be possible to comment on the ‘Big Picture ‘approach to multi agency problem solving and the practical implications.
Whenever a child is harmed or concerns are raised that a child may be at risk of harm or neglect, the authority where the incident occurred is responsible for informing the child's home authority immediately and inviting them to partake in the strategy meeting / discussion to plan action to protect the child (SEN Code of Practice 2001). In view of Amie’s story, the study serves to refer to the (2004) Children’s Act and attempt to link the important implications of Every Child Matters protocol, that a child is required to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being (HMSO 2003). Children's Social Care, as noted above, has the statutory duty to make or cause to be made, enquiries when the circumstances defined in Section 47 of the Children Act 1989 exist. The Police's primary responsibility is to undertake criminal investigations of suspected or definite crime. Where both Children's Social Care and the police have tasks with respect to the child, they must coordinate to ensure the comparable process of a section 47 enquiry and a criminal investigation is undertaken in the best interests of the child. Later, after interviews by a social worker and the police, the subsequent information about the Newton family circle emerges: the family lives in a badly furnished house, on an extremely underprivileged estate. They have been reliant on income support for several years.

The framework for...

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