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Journal 1 Week 1 
After coming back from my first weekend at WNMU, I can tell it was a week full of surprises, got to meet new people. Having my new schedule, and starting with my right foot. Since I’m starting my second semester in kinesiology, I’m taking GED classes, kinesiology, intermediate algebra, nutrition and diet therapy, computer literacy and English 99 and 101. I’m a very optimistic when it comes to starting a new semester, I want to give it all my best. After having a five week break, I got the time to enjoy my family back at home, resting but still running so that I could get back in shape. After meeting new people in my classes I learned that we all come from different places, but we all go the same goal in mind which is being successful, graduating and achieving what we want in our future. I’m also very excited because it’s my first semester that I will be running track for WNMU, and my goal is to break the school’s record and I’m confident that I will do it. When getting to my first class, I was pretty amused by all the information I have to learn. When doing a lot of work in word and using most of the tabs, I actually learned that you can get a more organized work when using all of the applied tabs correctly. Finally my last Monday class is math my strength subject, I really enjoy my professor’s way of explaining and speaking. I am very excited about this new semester and look forward on getting good grades and learning new information. 
                                                                              Journal 1 Week 2 
Getting my body, and brain into the school, work and sport routine I can start feeling a little tired physically but my mind wants to keep going. Today I learned something very interested in my English class, my teacher recommended us to read “The Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth. Basically she talks about talent, and the power of success. She argues that “a focus on talent distracts us from something that is at least as important and that is effort”, on which she’s totally right because most of us focus on the talent instead of working hard and achieving what we want. We also talked about the Writing...

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