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In this book, there is an ongoing story of adultery, fornication, and betrayal between God and Israel portrayed through the relationship between the prophet Hosea, and his wife Gomer. There are a few different views on the actual relationship between Hosea and Gomer, the first of which is that Gomer was already a harlot when Hosea took her as his wife. This one I would think is the most widely accepted, simply because it's the literal description of the book, and people tend to lean towards literal definitions more frequently than not, just look at how people of the world have torn apart the book of Revelation!
The second view is that Gomer was a harlot, but was only adulterous after getting married. Those who believe this say that she was pure at the beginning, but later on committed adultery and became a harlot. To me, and this is just my opinion I know, but this idea is refuted simply with 1:2, when God tells Hosea to ...view middle of the document...

This view makes no sense to me, because Hosea was directly commanded to "Go, take a wife of harlotry.." (1:2) and this command wouldn't have been given if it wasn't meant.
The book of Hosea is like all of the minor prophets inasmuch as it is a book filled with terrible visions of the judgment that God will be delivering on the nation of Israel because of their insolence and disobedience. This is a book telling the story of the adultery that Israel has committed against their God with their idolatry, and worshipping false gods, told through the story of the prophet Hosea and his wife of whoredom Gomer. Gomer cheated on the prophet many times just as the nation of Israel cheated on their God with other insignificant gods.
Hosea provided for his wife the best way he could, and treated her the best way he could, and received nothing but betrayal on her part. God, the same way, did nothing but provide for His people, His wife. He cared for them in every way He could, and they still betrayed Him at every turn. Hosea is a book telling of the judgment that is to come against them as a nation, and what is required of them to come back to God.
At the point of writing this book, it is already too late, and the nation can do nothing to stay the wrath of God against them. God did everything He could for them, even as it is said in 13:11, God gave them a king in His anger, going against what He wanted for them, just to make them happy. In the end however, we see that God took their king away in His wrath. The nation as a whole is to be captured, and they will no longer have a king like they had before. Their glory will be taken away because of their sinfulness and rebellion towards God.
This is one of the longer minor prophets, having 14 chapters, most of which are dealing strictly with the ungodliness of Israel as a nation, but the final chapter seems to me that Israel did change their ways and repent to some extent. We do see that God will forgive them, but that does not mean that the consequences for their sins are not still on their way. This is a lesson for all mankind, that while we may be forgiven, we still have to face the consequences of our actions.

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