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Summary Of Interview, Reflection Of Interview And Critical Research Of Keith Richardson

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This paper will summarize my Interview with Keith Richardson the Chief of Police of Guthrie, KY. The interview will show some of Keith’s back ground of why I picked him for my interview. It will look at the Critical analysis and reflection of the interview. It will go over the critical research and vision of the solutions used.
The Person I Interviewed and what I was Interviewing About
My Interviewee is Keith Richardson the Chief of Police which has been in law enforcement for 18 years. He has been the Guthrie Police Chief for only 7 years. He was working prior to this at Florida State Police as a patrol officer. Keith has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee. I choose Keith because of the experience he has in dealing with different cultures here and in Florida plus his experience in Law Enforcement. My main focus of the interview was on what he deals with the most here in Guthrie. I wanted his thoughts on the different races, sexual orientation and the different financial classes here in Guthrie. If we had time I wanted to ask about what he thought of the different Religious preferences, Culture traditions/beliefs we have here in Guthrie.
The Interview
My Interview took place on March 15, 2014 at 10:00 am. It was at the Guthrie, KY Police Department. I confirmed the Interview on March 13, 2014 at 9:15 am. I want my interviewee to be relaxed in his environment so we can discuss the many cultures and races in our community. My interviewee and I sat in his office in a very relaxed environment for both of us. We discussed the different cultures that Guthrie, KY has in it. My interviewee felt that we had several different cultures because of us being so close to the military post Ft. Campbell. My interviewee went on to say that they give the officers’ training each year to try and keep up with the different cultures and their beliefs. It is always better for the officers to fully understand this so they can do their job easier when dealing with the different cultures. There has been times that officers had to find help from professional people who speak the language of the culture they are trying to deal with. My interviewee said we are lucky because we live so close to a military post because they have people that do that. When I asked about races here in Guthrie it was nice to hear that my interviewee felt they had a good working relationship with all races. Being in a small town helps in getting to know the people that live here no matter what culture or race they are. It is very important for local police departments to keep their door open to the public. Most departments now try to do this by having more involvement with the community through community policing programs. My interviewee said back in the 50’s there were problems with race because of different racists organizations that were present here in town then. When the schools where to be desegregated some buses were burned. But this...

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