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Review Of Runaway Bride.

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The film Runaway Bride opens with a vivid scene which is a visualization of its title, as a beautiful woman in her wedding dress rides a horse across the field and through the forest to run away from her wedding, together with the song I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For sung by U2 as the soundtrack f the film. The woman is Maggie Carpenter who has run away from her wedding for three times, acted by Julia Roberts. After that we will meet Richard Gere, acting as Ike Graham, a columnist in a New York newspaper. He has only two hours before the deadline of his column but he still has nothing to write about, then he hears about Maggie's story and immediately writes about it for his newspaper. After reading his column about her private life, Maggie is so angry, she sends a threatening letter to the editor to oppose that it's not true. As a result, Ike is fired. Then he decides to arrive in her hometown to meet the woman that's responsible for his dismissal.When Ike Graham comes to see Maggie, she's about to make her fourth marriage and the whole city are holding their breath to see what will happen this time. Maggie's so furious and embarrassed with the column so she wants to take a revenge on the author. At first they always have arguments but then after passing some troubles together, they become good friends. Gradually Ike realizes behind her strong appearance is a sensitive and fragile heart. She has to change herself to be exactly the person that her boyfriends like. She tries desperately just because she's under the pressure of her family, who always tease her for not having a husband. For example, she told her first boyfriend that she liked scrambled egg, like him. With her second boyfriend, she liked fried egg, like him. And with the third one, she's a fan of boiled egg, like him, too, etc., from small things like that to other bigger things. But she can't stand lying to herself forever. That's why she's run away from her weddings. Ike knows all this and he teaches her how to realize her intrinsic value and be herself again. It is him who can speak out her mind and tell her what she thinks which she doesn't dare to confess. He shows her what she really needs is someone who leads her down the beach, with his hands over her eyes, so that she can feel the sand under her feet, someone who wakes her up at dawn just because he can't wait to talk to her. Gradually they fall in love and finally can you get what happens... she still gets married, not with her fourth husband would-be but with Ike Graham! But on their wedding, she runs away again! She's still obsessed with the former weddings and she needs more time to think about their love maturely. During her time alone, she...

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