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Summary Of “Security Best Practices For It Project Managers”

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This paper gives information about security and how the project managers should consider it in every PM process especially initiating and planning, also secure the communications and the deliverables. The best way for managers to ensure the security of the project is to start securing from the beginning it means considering security during initiating and planning phases which will avoid managers to face problems during the project. The manager should consider security while creating the project charter, it’s better for security to be “backed” into the project than using temporary solutions to recover from a security damage which obviously will affect the cost and time; also security should take the largest part of quality cost in the project including preventative measures and the costs of failure. ALE considered a mathematical method which allows managers to calculate losses that can be expected due security threats. ALE considered useful for security risk calculations because of the nature of IT projects, but in the absence of a better method, ALE can be used to estimate and get a close result to the cost of risks. Project managers are responsible to identify the stakeholders using “Interest vs. influence stakeholder matrix” which allow them to identify the security office, the sponsors …etc. the project manager should make a list of security roles of every project team members. Communication is the key of success or failure of the IT projects even if it seems simple. Project managers should create a plan for securing communications including: • Securing the project documents • Securing the conference’s calls • Use an encryption mechanism for sensitive e-mails • Use an appropriate provider for sharing and video conferencing • Guideline of using social medias Risk management should be considered as an important process in PM knowing that project managers don’t give a big importance to risk management planning. The project managers required custom estimates for IT security risk...

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