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Summary Of Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1 By Toni Diterlizzi And Holly Black

665 words - 3 pages

Topic: This story is about twins and one sister that found a book of fantasy that someone had written, and in that moment it start appearing trolls, monsters etc, and together they need to combat the monster.
Characters: Jared Evan Grace, Simon Everett Grace, Mallory Evan Grace, Arthur Spiderwick, Lucinda Spiderwick, and Helen Grace.
Settings: Mansion of Lucinda
Beginning: Jared, Simon, Mollary, and his mother Helen moved from the big city, to a mansion that was in a forest because their mom divorced. All the family where happy except Jared he was very mad because he didn’t wanted to move. They start looking the house and all the windows where cover with salt and where a lot of pictures of his Aunt Lucinda. Jared goes to the attic where it was a study. In the study, Jared finds book titled: "Arthur Spider wick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World around You." Jared reads the book, it ...view middle of the document...

Jared runs into the forest to find his brother, he find it in a hanging cage, Jared helps immediately his brother. Mallory sees that they return, and the creatures attracted her and Jared gives the seeing stone for her attacked to the creatures.
Climax: They climb to roof, and they see that they where hundreds of creatures surrounding the house, looking for the book. They decide to burn the book for all continue normal. When they burn the book, again it appears. Jared decides to go with Lucinda and get help. Simon distracted the creature for, Mallory and Jared goes quickly to Lucinda. When they got there Lucinda explain all what happen to her father, and that he was still alive, and that he was still alive and was caught by sprites ( creatures). Jared and Mallory return to the mansion because Mulgarath wanted to destroy the circle when the moon goes down that protects them of the creatures. They decided to go where Arthur the father of Lucinda, the author of the book, because he was the only that can destroy the book. They went in a griffin that was the pet of Arthur.
Falling Action: When they get to where was Arthur he was in the same age because the creature manipulate him by the singing. Jared convinced Arthur to destroy the book but Thimbletack change the book for a cooking book. Arthur trick the fairies (creatures) for they let the children goes. Jared prepare tomato sauce, for when the creatures enter because for them is acid and they burn. It was time the moon goes down and the creatures start to invade the house and all the family start to throw the tomato sauce.
Resolution: They kill all the creatures and the house was safe. The father enter to the house and he take the book but Jared knew that it was the Mulgarath and he get a knife and buried to the father, and it appear the Mulgarath and they do a explosion of tomato sauce and the Mulgarath died. Jared reconciles with his mom and they lived very happy. Weeks later Arthur came and takes his daughter Lucinda to live with him, and he promise to never live Lucinda alone, and all live very happy for ever, and the book of creatures never exit.

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