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Overview Of Suicide Essay

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Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, is what many say. How ever there is no single explanation for taking one's own life as the conflicts are what branches out to many possibilities. This topic is a taboo among today's society, it's seen as something shamed to talk about however from ignoring this topic it lets the opportunity of knowledge for young people to understand that there is a way to get help and that they're not alone.
almost 3000 people commit suicide everyday between the years of 1952 and 1995 the suicide rates almost tripled and 90% of those have some sort of mental disorder or substance abuse problem and 15% of those who took their own life were clinically depressed and at one point did reach out for help. As the third leading cause in north america Suicide is most common between 15-24 year old. however any age people can result in taking their own life The three social sciences Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology all take part in theories and complexes of suicide.
Starting off with sociology. Sociology is the scientific study of the human social behavior the study of the origins, organizations, institutions and the development of the human society. Sociology connects to the act of suicide by evaluating society and the way individuals act in their social environment to determine what the cause of the taking of ones life was.
For starters an introduction to David Emile Durkheim a sociologist, social psychologist and a philosopher with one of his most famous study of suicide where he classified different types of suicide based on the relationship from society and the individual starting off with his definition of suicide " a social fact because it was driven by social causes" This being said, He classified 4 different types of suicide number 1: Egoistic suicide: where one will become socially a more detailed way a person who is self-indulgedent and lacking Altrustic feelings. one who cuts off from society to be alone. this type is common more towards the teenagers going through changes in their life, they will lock themselves away for days trying to forget the world and avoid dealing with their problems. as the individual may feel that it's a good escape it does not benefit them and may lead them into a deeper depression. the second Type Altrustic Suicide: which resulted the individual from the taking of their own life due to higher commandments in other words, commiting suicide for the feeling that it will benefit others. For the third type Anomic suicide Is due to an individual dealing with a certain breakdown of a social circumstance for an example bankruptcy. where they feel like they are forced to kill themselves in order not to deal with the circumstance. Finally, for the last type Fatalistic suicide due to the overregulation in society.
One of Durkheim main arguments was that suicide was not an individual act His theory supported this by explaining that 'suicide was a social...

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