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Summary Of "The Blob That Ate Everyone"

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This story is about how a young kid named Zackie who found an old type writer in an antique store, when he went on the shelf and touched the type writer he felt dizzy. After a few minutes later he fainted, and he began to see black and white colors. When he got up he heard a noise and he said to himself "somebody is coming". He left the type writer on the floor and he hid behind the desk. The person was a woman who owned the store. She yelled anybody here with her flashlight aiming at the desk.Then she went behind the desk and she saw Zackie. She asked him "what you are doing here?" Zackie replied "I have seen this type writer from the door and I like to type scary stories". So then he asked the lady "can he keep it", she said "yes". Next he had to carry it home. When he got home his dad said "what is that"? He said "it is a typewriter to type my scary stories". When he went to his room he put the type writer down. Then he wrote a story called THE BLOB WHO ATE EVERY ONE on a piece of paper for his first draft. When he was done he proof read it and when he typed it there was a kid named Zackie home by him self. It really happened.So he said he heard the TV on but his dad was not there. So he shuts off the TV. Then he screamed "mom and dad". But no one replied back to him. So he looked out side the window and both of his parents cars were there. So he said "they must have gone to Alex's house". So when he typed it was dark and stormy that night it started to rain and thunderstorm. He wrote that there was a Blob monster living in the basement. Then he heard a growl like a stomach growl. He began to get scared.All of a sudden he heard the door bell ring eight times. So he went to the door and it was his friend Alex. Zackie asked Alex if his mom or dad was over her house and she replied "no". Next he said "I am working on a story do you want to help me" and she said "yes"! All of a sudden Alex heard a noise and asked what the noise was. Zackie said "ever since I wrote down the blob monster was living down in the basement with my new typewriter I began to hear noises".later Alex said "lets go check it out" and Zackie said "no because he was to scared to go into the basement".Ever since he was five he thought there were mice living down there. So Alex...

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