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Summary Of The European Environment State And Outlook 2010 Soil

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Humans and the environment on which we live rely on soil for plant growth, provision of water and the storage of carbon. From that point we can infer that soil is linked to everything around us and plays many significant roles in sustaining life on earth. In “the European Environment- State and outlook 2010” article, the author presents a pan-European outlook on the state of soil in Europe. He describes the major soil degradation, the main trends, outlook, its impact, and the response policy. The author works together with the European Environment Agency (EEA), and the European Commission to provide us with these valuable information about the state of soil in Europe which help us to better understand, deal with different soil degradation, and protect the environment.
The erosion, organic matter decline, compaction, salinization, landslides, contamination, sealing, biodiversity decline are the significant soil degradation which the author discusses in his article. These degradation occur at the land surface as poor agriculture. The ways that farmers use to manage the soil, and the equipment are some of the reasons of soil degradation. In addition, the author mentions another issue that obstructs the knowledge of the soil condition which is “the lack of a legal requirement to collect such information in a harmonized manner”. That means some of the information available now do not reflect the current soil condition in Europe. So, soil degradation cannot be solved alone by using these information.
All the food, which humans use, are produced on soil. Because of that, any damage to the soil will result in damage to food supply such as food shortage, and rising food costs. The trends of the major soil degradation are almost difficult to measure because they are constantly changing. In general, trends in soil organic carbon levels has increased and it is getting higher where the temperatures and the level of drought are high. Trends in soil erosion is based on...

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