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Summary Of The Illidad By Homer

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The Iliad is a poem told by Homer that describes the horror of men and gods alike battling toward the destruction of both sides as it moves to the tragic conclusion of the Trojan War. Robert Fagles using his poetic and scholar skills to perfectly translates the Iliad using Bernard Knox’s introduction and notes. In his translation he sticks to maintain the drive music of Homer’s poetry, and evokes the impact of the Iliad’s repeated phrases. Fagles' translations emphasizes on English idioms and phrasings, but tries to stay as faithful to the original text as possible. Gary Wills from The New Yorker called Fagles “the best living translator of ancient Greek drama, lyric poetry, and epic into modern English.”
The Iliad is a long poem that is composed by a series of books. The narrative begins nine years after the start of the war. Agamemnon and Achilles get into a skirmish about two maidens, Chryseis and Briseis that were captured in a Trojan-allied town. After Apollo releases a plague for not returning Chryseis, Agamemnon goes into a rage and says that he will return Chryseis only if Achilles gives him Briseis. Agamemnon’s demand infuriates and humiliates Achilles. The men argue, and Achilles threatens to withdraw from the battle and take his people, back home to Phthia. That night Achilles prays to his mother, Thetis, to ask Zeus to punish the Achaeans. She promises to ask Zeus about his offer. After twelve days, Thetis makes her appeal to Zeus. Zeus is reluctant to help the Trojans but he finally agrees. The next day Zeus sends a false dream to Agamemnon that he can take Troy if he launches a full-scale assault on the city’s walls. The next day, Agamemnon gathers the troops and prepares for the attack. After that The Trojan army marches from the city gates and advances to meet the Achaeans and battle breaks out. None of the major characters is killed, but Odysseus and Great Ajax kill many minor Trojan figures. The gods also become involved in the war where Athena is helping the Achaeans while Apollo and Ares helps the Trojans. With the help of Apollo and Ares, the Trojans take the upper hand in battle. Hector and Ares prove too strong for the Achaeans to fight. Finally, Hera and Athena appeal to Zeus, giving them permission to fight for the Achaeans. Hera gathers the rest of the Achaean troops, while Athena encourages Diomedes. She jumps in the chariot with him to challenge Ares. The chariot charges Ares, and Diomedes wounds Ares. Ares immediately retreats to Mount Olympus. With the gods absent, the Achaean forces again overwhelm the Trojans, who draw back toward the city. The Trojans anticipate downfall, so Hector goes to Paris and convinces him to join the battle, and the brothers prepare to rejoin the battle. With the return of Hector and Paris the battle Apollo and Athena soon decide to end the battle for the day. Both sides agreed and start to bury their respective dead and make fortifications around their respected camps.
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