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Overview Of The Suspicious Activity Report

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The Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) started after the 9/11 to prevent any more terroroist attacks. After 9/11 the U.S. has beem more strict with Suspicious things happening in places it shouldn't be. Such as taking pictures of government buldings, exits routes, vantage points to kill/destroy something,etc... The SAR is used to protect our nation without it we would be in Chaos. The use of suspicious Activity Reports provides a valuable resource on a potentially criminal behaviors which has helped to keep this country safe over the past 10 years.
I agree with the thesis because, by the Suspicious Activity Report we can stop crime before it happens and we can also stop a terrorist plot. We can catch the people who are planning to do bad stuff and stop them from doing any harm and save possibly lots of lives. "The law enforcements and Homeland Security give information to each other to better protect there community and stop terrorist attacks." (Homeland Security) What the NSI, Law Enforcement, and all the other agencies are doing are giving each other information. The information they are giving each other are information on all the Suspicious Activitys happening in certain areas and what this individual or group of people are doing. By doing this they can send the information to the fushion center and then they can keep an eye on this individual or group of people. The fushion center is the key to everything when a Suspicious Activity is reported. All suspicious activity is sent to the fushion center to further investigate the situation. Then they can keep a eye on this person or group of people and if they try to do something dangorus such as, killing people,blowing stuff up, chemical warfare,etc.. they can stop it before anything happens and save lots of lives. "As a nation, we now look to our law enforcement agencies not only to reactively police traditonal crime but also to proactively prevent terrorist attacks." (U.S. Security Associates) The law enforcement is way more highly looked up to because they can be the first people to actually prevent/stop something from happening before its to late. The law enforcement could possibly stop a terrorsit attack because when they do a routine patrol and stop a random car that person in that car is maybe not random. When they run is lisence plate and card into the system, the system will pop up all the things about this person, and then they will know if this person is a terrorist or not and arrest him and potentially could have stopped a terrorist attack from happening. The law enforcement protect us in our everyday lives and are the ones first to a crime scene or any harmful thing,they are more looked up to and more respected for the things they do to protect us. They are the front line to our protection and saftey.
What the Feds are also doing are collecting Suspicious Activity Reports from Online. What he feds are collecting are photographs of suspicious things such as pictures of...

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