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Overview Of The Tpck For Teachers

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With the influx of technologies like mobile computing and other smart devices into K-12 classrooms, technology integration is becoming an important addition to teaching expertise. Koehler and Mishra (2009) developed the Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework for understanding several complex interacting dimensions of how teachers can wisely integrate technology into innovative instruction. In this paper we present how a specially designed card game, using the card-tamentm approach (see, can be adapted to help focus players attention on the issues of TPCK while assessing their higher level abilities to construct technology integration strategies at the intersection of Technology knowledge, Pedagogical knowledge, and Content knowledge.

What is the TPACK and why is it a matter for Technology coordinator?
TPACK is a framework for teacher knowledge for technology integration called technological pedagogical and content knowledge (Koehler & Mishra, 2009). At the heart of TPACK is the dynamic and transactional relationship between content, pedagogy, and technology, yielding a distinct body of knowledge as to how to teach with technology properly and how to wisely integrate technology in teaching practice.
Technology coordinators are education specialists who serve in a leadership position holding a big picture of school’s or district’s technology implementation plan. The tech coordinator, in general, should be prepared to help teachers, staff, administrators, and board of education members use technology more effectively and meet the standards and goals laid out in the district’s technology plan.
That being so, they should have a strong understanding of how all technologies, policies, procedures, theories and pedagogy fit together in technology implementation. Having a strong TPCK competency thus is of great importance to the tech coordinator.

CARD-tamentm: a new approach to GBL
CARD-tamentm and TPACK
Most literature of GBL research has been largely centered on video games and on seeking singular effects of game play, under some circumstances (Young et al., 2012). Yet in the line of GBL study what we are seeking is a research agenda that acknowledges the various goals and intentions players bring to game play and looks for interactions between game affordances, player intentionality, and learning outcomes. In this sense, using a card game provides a new venue of GBL literature that can explore various learning outcomes, game affordances and player intentionality with ease.
CARD-tamentm is a commercially available educational card game designed to help educators consider how games can provide a context for exploring learning theory, innovative technologies and instruction.
The card game we devised with using a CARD-tamentm encourages players to come up with their own technology integration strategies in light of TPACK framework in such a way that provides the...

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