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The main message of Eduardo Galeano's in "Upside Down: A primer for the looking -Glass World" is that he wants to compare the living condition between North America vs. Latin America. Moreover, this book also talks about how Latin America works for and gets abuse from the rich and powerful nations such as those in North America. Therefore, the winner is the powerful nation and the loser would be Latin America. This book gives me a bird's eye view of how people in Latin American really live. The world cannot sustain itself, if we all remain focused on selfishly profiting our own nations. The other message of this book is that he wants rich nation's to wake up and realize that it should no longer be sustainable for a rich nation to focus on enriching itself with greedy policies. We as a world have come to see that everyone is affected by such an attitude. It affects our air, water, soil, and the whole environment.In the first half of the book, his writing may seem to be disturbing for some people but I see the first half of the book as a stunning introduction. He shows us that there are a lot of people in this world that still have no house to live. Worst of all, their life is worthless. That means that a human being and can be shot or killed at any time. Their lives would be more worthless than many American dogs because these dogs at least have a place to stay and meals to eat. The people that live on the street don't have any right to ask for anything. They are busy fighting hunger. They spend their time trying to get food and trying not to get shot at night while they sleep. As he mentions on page 96, that rich kids only get a punishment when they think they were killing the beggar. "Leftovers: street kids, vagrants, beggars, prostitutes, squeegee kids. In 1993, Colombia's "disposable kids" crawled out from under their rocks to protest. The demonstration erupted when it hit the news that "social cleansing groups" were killing beggars and selling the bodies to anatomy students at the Free University of Barranquilla." As you can see, these people are considered worthless unlike other humans.The rich in Latin American, however, only focus on making more money. Because of the social situation, the rich have lives that are no different than living in a prison or jail. (page 105, "In places of privilege, the rich live under house arrest" These rich people need to have full time security guards and many of their children are learning to wear the bullet proof vests as he mentions on page 103, "In Colombia, the flourishing bulletproof-vest industry sells more and more in children sizes" . They also probably drive a bullet proof car. The only place that seems to be safe for them is the shopping mall because many poor people cannot get in and if they did, they may go to jail with out trial. Therefore, it is not only the poor, who have little freedom; the rich also have less freedom to go anywhere as they please because they have to live with the fear of...

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