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Summary Of Week 1 Class 1 Introduction To Case Management

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Summary of Week 1 class 1 Introduction to Case Management
To start off our information for the first class one must define Case Management. “Case Management is “a course of action for a situation involving an individual and the implementation of such a program; specifically, the process by which all health-related matters of a case are managed by a health professional.” This definition basically states that Case Management is way for people in a down trot part of life to have a plan of attack which can used to help correct their issues at hand, often this involves at minimum another person or group of people to help the troubled person. A slight background will be given as followed to introduce case management.
To begin with the people who partake in this profession prefer being “referred to as care coordinators” versus case managers, since many don’t care for the way it sounds that they’re dealing with clients, rather than helping them. The way the process is currently set up case management will take place in three phases: assessment, which deals with the initial learning aspect of what their client is dealing with and how it is affecting them, followed by the planning phase which will put into works the most proficient strategy in place, and then implementation which executes what has been set up for the client. Each of these requires the case manager to be well versed and knowledgeable in the specific parts of the process. The end goal of any case manager is to give relief to those in need by assisting with management of client’s lives, or by providing helpful advice which is needed when a major issue occurs. In addition there are certain principles of case management that one needs to follow.
The first principle that should be known would be integration of service. Integration of service basically states that case managers have to be aware off all parts of a human being needing help, and not just one particular aspect. For example one can need help with some or all of the following: social, psychological, medical, financial, vocational, or educational. This can be easily understandable since someone may not have a need for help with money, they may still have issues when it comes to a social or psychological aspect of their life. (Maybe their rich and over protective parents never exposed their kid to the outside world, hence leaving them...

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