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Summary Of William Lugo's Article Essay

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In his article "Violent Video Games Recruit American Youth" from the journal Reclaiming Children and Youth, William Lugo raises awareness of the US Army's use of video games as a tool to recruit young gamers while arguing against the lack of ethics used in this technique. William Lugo introduces his article by describing a stunning event in which armed soldiers repell out of Black Hawk helicopters and surround Los Angeles' convention center to promote their game America's Army. He then goes on to describe the game and some of its objectives like how you are recquired to pass basic training, where you go through training exercises actually used in the military, and complete missions like defending oil pump stations from terrorist attacks. After describing the game, he gives a very important fact about the game that seperates it from similar games, it's free.
After talking about the game and the developement of game studios owned by the military, William Fugo discusses the military's involvement in former video games. Fugo gives information on the game Full Spectrum Warrior. He introduces it in the paragraph by saying, "the training simulator used by the Army for urban combat became available for purchase, under the title Full Spectrum Warrior." While talking about the game, Fugo points his audience's attention towards the fact that this game does not have pedestrians in the city even though the game is supposed to be realistic. He then gives two possible reasons the creators of this game did this by saying, "that kind of realism was deemed either irrelevant or too insane for potential recruits." Since the game was not produced or endorsed by the military, the game developers made sure to inform its consumers of its uninvolvement. He goes on to say how the production of video games by the Army has influenced other branches to also use video games as a tool for recruiting by ending this section of his article with, "Because of the commercial and recruitng success of Full Spectrum Warrior, the Marines have now released their own training simulator.... Not to be left behind, the Air Force is also developing a video game which they will offer free."
To distinguish between video games developed by the military itself and video game companies, Fugo gives a few differences between the two and some traits that make games like America's Army and Full Spectrum Warrior unique. The first difference he gives is their motives; military games are made for recruiting while company games are made for a profit. Because of...

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