Summary Of Zachary Beaver Part 4 English 101 Lecture Notes

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Week 21 Bookclub (BC) When Zachary Beaver Came to Town ?1
Check Homework (1 minute)
Read Pages 176~227 (Ch.17~22)
Book Review (25 minutes)
Chapter 17
? Dad and Toby barely speak to each other day after the Wayne?s funeral.
? Toby and Ferris are the only ones who did not attend the funeral
? Toby works at Bowl-a-Rama for 1 day because worker is sick
? Sheriff Levi breaks the news that he called social services to pick up ZB since Paulie is not coming back.
? Found out more about ZB?s family
? Uncle is in jail for armed robbery
? Father left ZB when he was a baby
? Mother died two years ago
? Found out through New York Times Obituaries
? S.S. are going to pick up ZB on Saturday
? Toby wishes ZB could live with someone in town.
? While working, Scarlett visits Toby.
? Scarlett returns the gift to Toby.
? It?s too nice of a gift
? Scarlett does not like Toby as a man
? She wouldn?t wear them because it is something old lady would wear
? Tells him that he is the nicest boy in Antler.
Chapter 18
? Working at Bowl-a-Rama Day 2
? Ferris asks Toby to take Spaghetti and meatball to ZB on the way home
? Don?t want to see him so just leaves in front of the door.
? Runs into Juan on the way home
? Toby is wobbling (scared)
? Juan confronts about Scarlett telling him that Toby is the nicest guy
? Scarlett told Juan he should be more like Toby.
? Juan?s box was not for kidnapping Toby; it had Wayne?s old clothes
? Toby realized the reason why Juan did not go to Scarlett?s grandpa?s fancy party is because he had nothing nice to wear
? Toby decides to go get Scarlett
? Blindfolds her
? Surprise her to Juan
? Toby is taking Scarlett to see Juan
? Time for fight out the differences
Chapter 19
? Dad and Toby are going fishing
? Dad does not bring the fish caught home; he lets go of them after catching
? He just enjoys the thrill of catching the fish
? Dad opens up about his life
? Dad wishes that he spent more time with his dad (Toby?s grandfather)
? Toby?s grandfather was always busy with clients and politicians.
? His schedule was filled with everything that had nothing to do with his family.
? Toby begins to understand why Dad has many moments with Toby even though Toby is quiet.
? He left Dallas because he can be himself in Antler
? Toby admits, he does not blame his dad.
? Dad tells Toby not to blame mom either. She loves her still dad says.
? ?You?re a lucky person if you go through life and have one person need you. And you?ve got more than a couple that do.?
? Dad also confronts about how Toby should have been at the funeral.
? Wayne...

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