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Summary Paper Part 1 Canada

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Canada is a unique country that resembles that of the United States. They have an Indian aboriginal population that provides similarities and these trends are reflected in the programs that are available to aboriginals. The population is approximately 31.9 million spread over 10 provinces and three territories, with the largest areas of population is inhabited in Ontario. Canada is the planets second prevalent country by total region and shares a mutual border with the United States. Longevity of the population reaches the 80’s which puts retirement as one area of large concern when talking about the workforce populations especially when skilled trade workers are at its lowest in population. (Martin & Millway, 2006, p. 44)
Like the United States, Canada has a multicultural aspect when considering the demographics. While there may be debate about whether or not ethno-cultural diversity is a good thing, there is little doubt that to understand Canadian society, both past and present, it is essential to learn about the country’s reality. The demographic changes that Canada faced with a census in the 19th century was that Europeans came to their shores therefore; they felt they should have special circumstances from those who were native to Canada. Scholars’ estimated numbers as the status of Indians were facing high mortality rates.
Canada is one of the least densely populated areas, yet prosperous country. The area is home to swamps, lakes and ancient rock formations. High wooded forest blanket the country yet the country is rich in minerals from the artic to the borders of the United States. “The Canadian Shield and rugged western mountains experience subarctic climates, resulting in a near empty north—an estimated 75 percent of Canadians live within 161 kilometers (100 miles) of the U.S. border” (National Geographic Society, 1996-2014, p. 1) It is my opinion that is why there is so much precedent into the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The economy is wrapped around its natural resources such as fishing, forestry and durable vegetation wheat, barley, tobacco. Canada exports motor vehicle parts, crude petroleum, aircraft and timber. The industry takes advantage of transporting every natural resource to the United States along with those automotive parts and every mineral that is processed or non-processed. The native tongue of Canada is English or French because the French settled the area even though Britain has had control in the late 1700’s. Canada relies on immigration for its growth, with over 100 national parks and many historical sites this area appeals to those wanting an escape from metropolitan living. Canada is country that was formed in 1882 this area became noticed as a constitutionally monarchy with a democratic parliament.
The majority of Canadians are Christians at 54.2 percent. The average family size is 3.1 people and the life expectancy is an astounding 80 years for women and only 73 years for the male figures....

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