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Summary Of The Balanced Life, Fitness And Nutrition System

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Balanced Life, Fitness and Nutrition is a personal fitness company based on personalized training and nutrition programs. They host one-on-one interviews with potential clients to determine the optimal training and food intake regimens that will help their clients towards their intended goals.

This document is intended to serve as a basic summary of the Balanced Life, Fitness and Nutrition system to be developed by BREA Solutions. It is an extension and update of the previously submitted inception document. It will also serve as the basis for the initial development processes and will contain technical details associated with the new web application.
Problem/Vision Statement

BREA Solution’s vision is to create a website that will fulfill the needs of BLFN. It will include a more automated and user friendly subscription-based system. The current system in use is completely manual and limits the capability of trainers to only be able to serve a limited number of customers. Our understanding is that BLFN would like their new system to be automated and scalable in order to provide their services to multiple customers in many places at any given time.

People who hold a stake in this new system include the trainers of BLFN as well as their customers. The trainers will have the ability to manipulate data and fitness/nutrition plans. Their customers will have the ability to access all of the services of the web site on a membership basis. There will be a single administrator with power over all data and services.

Additional requirements that the client has requested include having a multi-lingual web site, video sharing and web hosting. These are requirements that will be considered to be outside of the scope of this project and will be the responsibility of BLFN. This is due to the limits of time and developer resources.

Risk Assessment and Strategies

The following chart (Figure 1.0) is an analysis of the risks and feasibility involved in creating the BLFN system. A detailed description of each individual risk is found in this section.

Risk Description Potential impact on Project Likelihood of Occurrence Difficulty of Timely Anticipation Overall Threat
Critical Expert Not Available Medium Low Medium Medium
Scope Creep Medium Medium Low Medium
Integration High Medium Low Medium
System failure Medium Medium Low Medium
Data Integrity High Low Medium Medium
Developer Illness Low Medium Medium Medium

Critical Expert Not Available – Probability is low, and can be easily mitigated by clear communication through email, phone, etc.
Scope Creep – Can be handled by using an iterative process which allows for changing requirements. Requirement changes are anticipated. However changes will not be allowed upon nearing the completion of the project.
Integration – Problems can occur when integrating work from different developers into one project. This can be handled through the use of versioning software or...

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