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Summary: This Is A 5 Page Paper That Analyzes An Article By Daniel B Wallace On The Subject Of The New Testament. It Has One Source.

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LukeSummary: This is a 5-page paper that analyzes an article by Daniel B Wallace on the subject of the New Testament. It has one source.Introduction:Authors may not only be recognized through their names, but also through their particular writing traits and patterns. The bible is thought to hold several unique writing patterns and traits particular to some important authors. Earlier books of verses in the bible demonstrate the way that authors hold certain writing habits. Similarly, books in the New Testament also exhibit certain traits of authors. The article 'Luke: Introduction, Outline, and argument' by Daniel B. Wallace the many ways that similarities in writing patterns are revealed in the New Testament.According to Wallace, certain books in the New Testament that have served as reinforcement to purpose of Christ's work on earth demonstrate the writing patterns of one particular author. As an example, the Gospel of Luke describes Christ's actions and ways in which He perfected the law. Supporting this book in the literary sense is the Acts of the Apostles. Though each of these four Gospels emphasizes exactly the same purpose of Christ, it is the Gospel of Luke that is most similar to the Acts of the Apostles. This is in spite of the fact that all four gospels have the same major subject. However, it must be realized that it is the audience addressed, which helps a researcher to figure out how many books a single author has written.Articles may be written in any way an individual chooses to do so. Individuals have different ways according to which they present what they discover and what they conclude from their findings. However, in order to carryout authentic research it is vital for researchers to provide a traceable base to begin with and avoid consensual approaches that nullify the merits of other subjects.Research is work carried out in order to inform users of such information with detailed and accurate facts and what they mean. It is essential at every step of the way for researchers to be extremely careful with how they handle data and what comments they make about their findings.Analysis:The Gospel of Luke is a document, which is an extension of the Old Testament but there are major differences in the ways that it has been recorded in relation to the following books, as compared to the other gospels.The article 'Luke: Introduction, Outline, and argument' by Daniel B. Wallace is an analysis of similarities that exist in the New Testament. Wallace, a Ph.D. in theology has quite obviously conducted immense research that is evident in this article. In this research there is an attempt to confirm the authorship of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles through a logical and system approach, based on the title, of the books, as well as the external and internal evidence available.In the title, there is proof, however limited, of Lukan authorship; it is the unbroken pattern that aids in recognizing the authorship of Luke. This is...

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