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Summary To Romeo And Juliet Act I

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Act IV Scene 1
The Friar expresses his disapproval of the wedding plans. Juliet arrives and is friendly to her would-be husband. Paris leaves, assuming that Juliet is about to confess her sins to the Friar. Juliet and the Friar discuss what can be done to save Juliet from marrying Paris. Friar Laurence proposes a dangerous plan to Juliet. He has a potion that will make her appear dead when she drinks it, and it will keep her in the lifeless state for forty-two hours. She will be interred in the Capulet family tomb. Romeo will then return to Verona and collect Juliet and they will live together in Mantua. Juliet approves of the plan and goes home to drink the potion.

Act IV Scene 2
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The apothecary reluctantly gives him a potion and Romeo thanks him greatly.

Act V Scene 2
Back at Friar Laurence's cell, Friar John reports that he has been unable to deliver the vital letter to Romeo. Friar Laurence sends John to find an iron bar with which they can pry open the tomb. Friar Laurence, knowing he can trust no one but himself, plans to keep Juliet safe in his own cell until Romeo can be reached.

Act V Scene 3
Paris and his page enter the churchyard and stand before the Capulet tomb. Paris orders the page to stand watch so that he can be alone in his grief. He is warned by his page's whistle that someone approaches. He hides in the darkness and sees Romeo and Balthasar enter. He opens the tomb and tells Balthasar that he must not interfere with the actions that he will now take. Balthasar agrees to leave, but he instead hides in the shadows to observe. Paris steps out of the dark to challenge Romeo to a duel. Romeo does not want another to die at his, but Paris attacks and Romeo is forced to fight. Romeo has no trouble defeating Paris. Romeo enters the crypt, where he sees his beloved Juliet. He drinks the...

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