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This is a summary of the Hands-on Labs 1–3 results. The lab work was both interesting and challenging. It was frustrating too, but I learned much form the first few labs. I was apprehensive at first, but I decided that I would never understand this class if I never tried. I know that the first lab was easy. Almost everyone has put together a new computer package at one time or another. And it was simple, basic. It is better to start at the very beginning than assume users know more than they actually do. It was simple, everything connected to the tower. Once everything is connected, turn it on and check the software. It was easy. Not the case for some of the other labs. But the ...view middle of the document...

The labs also helped me to develop the Dreamz project.
The following is a summary of my work done till Week 3 on the course project. The specifics of the project were as follows. A company called Dreamz had 6 floors of offices in Chicago, and each user needed email, file and print, and Internet services. These services would be handled through ten servers that served as LAN, proxy, and database servers. Due to the success of the company, they setup three new branches in St. Louis, Detroit, and New Jersey. There was also a small San Francisco office with only five users.
I recommended a star physical topology and a star logical topology for the networks (South University Online, 2013). For the San Francisco office I chose either bus of star with a logical topology of bus because the office was so small. I have decided that a better fit would be like the other branches, logical and physical star, because it would be scalable. I can only think that since the company is doing well, the San Francisco office will be subject to expansion in the near future. Better to plan for it now. And we will need a network administrator at each branch.
To communicate between branches, I recommended VPN (Virtual Private Network), because it used public infrastructure to connect with remote offices or individuals with secure access (Geler, 2013). It is inexpensive and easy to use.
To support the Detroit site, I have decided on single mode fiber optic cable to support 100Mbps. The connectors to use would be ST, SC, LC, or MT-RJ. The recommended Ethernet card would be the 100BaseFX. The other branch offices can use the Fast Ethernet 100BaseTX with twisted pair (Cat 5 or higher) and RJ-45 connectors. The Cisco ISR Generation 2 portfolio router called the ‘Branch’ seems like a viable choice for the branch offices (Cisco, 2014). It offers optimal application and video-ready architecture. For the main office the Cisco ISR Generation 2 portfolio router called the ‘Network Edge’ sounds like a good fit for the main office (Cisco, 2014). It offers high security and high performance. Also at the Detroit...

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