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Summer time to me and hopefully for everyone as well is an exciting time of the year. About three months of just hanging out with friends, staying up all night, and all the fun filled trips families go to, and also not having to worry about homework due the next day. But when summer vacation finally rolls around, I can never make up my mind-on what to do first. Gladly this summer my parents had so many trips planned for our family this would hopefully be one of the best summers yet.
The day before school ended my family had flown in my grandma and my aunt from Guatemala for this upcoming summer. Today was last day of school, I started summer right away as soon as the bell rang I left school and went home to start packing. We were already running late. My dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, aunt, brother, sister and I all packed our bags for 3 days as we left to Porterville for a camping trip part of our Christian church. My family is really involved in our church and we volunteer for many things. Today as we arrived to the campsite we started building our tents which we would live in for the next 3 days. The first day in the camp we woke up early in the morning and went to the lake. My dad had brought this like inflatable bull thing which you could get on it in the lake and 4 other people get around it grab the handles then shake it until they are able to drop you. I had so much fun as I watched everyone trying to drop me off the bull. We did this for about an hour then I got bored so I put on a life jacket (yes I know how to swim this was for safety purposes so my mom would not worry) and started swimming to like you know how big lakes have those floating pole like things so people don’t pass that well I swam all the way to that it was so so far but I had made a bet with someone that if I make it there and back I would get ten dollars. So as I got 20 feet from it which is so close a man in a boat who was in charge of patrolling the lake so no one goes past the boundary drove right buy me and said hey you should not be this far out then with a laughing voice he said how much was the bet. And I said what? Which he then said, “Well I am guessing you didn’t come out here just because right? So how much was the bet for?” And I started laughing and told him oh yea it was ten dollars. I then proceeded to swim back to shore, the man still behind me he asked do you need a ride back? And I said no thank you I am trying to win those ten dollars and he laughed and said ok then as I then kept swimming back. As I got closer to the shore he then turned around and went back to his position where he was before. Now when I got back to the about 30 people who watched me get escorted back to shore every one laughing but also clapping said dang you did it. And then I received my ten dollars from the friend who made the bet with me. After this we all went back to the camp site and made a campfire it was already about 9 pm at this time and we started with praying for these...

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