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Thomas ThallMrs. AlbinEnglish 109/16/14Fight ClubChuck PalahinukSatirical NovelI selected the text because I watched the movie and thought it was really good and wanted to read the book.It is a first person point of view.This affects how we view the text because we see the information as the Narrator is getting the information. This is very truthful except when there is a conflict where people perceive the Narrator as Tyler Durden but we only see him as the Narrator and Tyler seems to be gone from the scene. This is fixed when we find out in the end that the Narrator and Tyler are the same person.An idea that was expressed by the author was the idea of the average, painfully boring, and unexcited life that the Narrator lives with and most people live with. When the Narrator started their fight club with Tyler Durden the club attracted many middle and lower class men. The reason these people attended fight club because it was seen as a way to become stronger and more powerful than the people above them and it makes them feel alive. A conflict in the book is the one with the Narrator versus himself. In the beginning of the book we learn that the Narrator suffers from insomnia and he solves this firstly by going to support group meetings then when these fail he got his relief from fight club. We don't know till the end though that the Narrator doesn't have Insomnia but he has a type of split-personality disorder this made him create Tyler. This also plays into his Insomnia because when the Narrator actually thought that he was sleeping he was actually awake and was Tyler Durden causing havoc, when the Narrator truly woke up he was extremely tired and felt like he had insomnia. This conflict with the Narrator causes many conflicts between the society and between, Marla Singer. The way he resolves this problem is by shooting himself and somehow living while killing Tyler.1. Allusion- "Rain," Tyler says, "fell on the burnt pyre year after year, and year after year, people were burned, and the rain seeped through the wood ashes to become a solution of Lye, and the Lye combined with the melted fat of the sacrifices, and a thick white discharge of soap crept out from the base of the altar and crept downhill toward the river." (76) This is an important allusion because Tyler's main idea in this allusion is to teach the Narrator that you must hit the bottom to fly high. In the allusion the extra material from the burned bodies hit the bottom of the hill and because of this were...

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612 words - 2 pages AP U.S. SUMMER ASSIGNMENT Please read the summer assignment instructions below and complete all. Purchase of book, reading, three chapter essays and book/film project are all due the Monday following the first week of school, Monday September 8th. Complete beforehand and use those first few days of school to clear up any questions, etc. (read: not to be done the weekend before; it will show). 1. Purchase the 2015 edition (not other editions

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929 words - 4 pages months. In fact, I began this semester with plans to accomplish skills that would eventually bring me to an understanding of what a great writer is. During the summer I attended an English mini course which proved to be just a quick version of some high school rules on writing, that did not require much thinking or writing tasks, but it did provide an understanding of what was going to be expected in college writing. Now that I am finally in a

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589 words - 3 pages thought this was fair because one could easily forget the lesson from the activity and not evaluate what they learned if they completed all hours during the summer. When one is forced to complete a task, he/she rushes and completes the job poorly and does not comprehend the assignment. I personally saw my fellow peers at school rushing to find teachers that had extra work needed to complete for community service. It distracts students from

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552 words - 2 pages this assignment was a sort of "summer reading" thing. We read a book over the summer and then wrote a letter talking about it to our teacher, explaining enough so s/he'd know we actually read it. I did mine on "A Dozen Black Roses" by Nancy A. Collins [ White Wolf Publishing ]Dear English Teacher,The book that I read over the summer was called A Dozen Black Roses. It is a fictional book about the experience of a vampire named

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