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Summer Break Turmoil Essay

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Summer Break Turmoil
Would you consider going to a school where you learn year-round? Maybe this would be your ideal school, but, when would you get to have some time to go to summer camp? Schools with the traditional schedule may actually be a better choice, and not just because kids love summer break. Schools should have a traditional school year schedule instead of a year round schedule because there isn’t a significant difference between the students’ performance. Also, having a summer break allows kids to participate in activities that they would not be able to do on a year round schedule due to the shorter breaks.
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If students are going to school all year with only some short breaks, when would they have time to go to camp? Even if their camp is during one of their breaks, the students would have homework to complete, thus eliminating the educational effects of the camp on the student.
Also, is there really a difference between the two types of schools academically? Evidence from studies say that going to a year-round school doesn’t provide an academic advantage. Studies done at The Ohio State University have supported this: “Some educators have claimed that eliminating the long summer vacation will provide academic benefits for students. ‘The results don't support that claim,’ von Hippel said” (Grabmeier). Paul von Hippel is a sociologist at The Ohio State University and he also says, “Year-round schools don't really solve the problem of the summer learning setback – they simply spread it out across the year” (Grabmeier). So, there is summer setback in the traditional schedule, but in the year round schedule, the shorter breaks do not help with that issue either.
So, if the academic landslide over breaks is the same for both schedules, are students learning more at a year-round school? Studies have been performed to test this, and most have found that students actually learn about the same amount....

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