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There are many varieties of summer classes in intermediate school, some are long and some are short. In our classes we decided to come up with ways to have these opportunities to teach kids about middle school or for them to have fun if their parents don’t have enough money to go on vacation, I've had that experience all I did was sit around all summer. The main to two categories that you can teach are educational or recreational, but you can't mix up the two. Program length can be long but can’t be too long so you can’t have any fun at the beach or any other fun places for example 6 weeks would be fine. Then you would have to pick the times and days of the week, I would have it 8:00 to arrive and the activities start at 8:30 am. You don’t need to worry about getting your child own food, lunch and snacks will be provided. The program time to pick them up is at 5:00 for convince to dinner. We will only be taking the maximum of 30 students, as much as a normal classroom, its a first come first served for this awesome experience.

Theatre and fine arts such as dance and music will be the first two weeks of my 10 week program. This program will provide information for middle school and high school classes. Dance is on Mondays and Wednesdays, while theatre is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and music is on Fridays. In the dance class you will first learn about the basics on dance throughout history, next you will perform a traditional dance; finally you will make your own dance. Theatre class is a class where you will learn how to read scripts and learn how to audition for a movie or a stage showing of a play. Music is a class where you can learn to play instruments in order to prepare you for middle school. You can sign up for any of them you want to, all three of these classes are free that way you do not have to worry about paying for anything.

Sports are a two week program as well; this will introduce you to a different variety of recreational sports that you can join. Basketball will be Mondays Wednesdays, and soccer will be Thursdays and dodge ball will be Wednesdays and Fridays. Even though dodge ball isn't a recreational sport, it will be added anyway just for fun. Basketball will teach you how to pass a ball and to practice to be on a middle school team. Soccer will teach you how it’s played around the world and then finally will be doing a tournament as well as all the other sports that will be played. It is important that we have these recreational opportunities because all these young, independent people can find what they want to do. Then they will have an opportunity to be in professional sports such as football, soccer, and basketball. Summer classes for sports will also have them improve on their performance that way...

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