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Students in the United States spend 180 days of the year in school. That’s over 1,100 hours of hard work and studying, not including long nights of homework. But that’s okay because when the final bell rings on the last day of the school year, it’s time to relax; it’s time for a break ... or is it? With the implementation of summer homework by some schools, the laborious work continues through what is supposed to be a break. While some will claim these assignments help, in reality summer homework is not beneficial to the academic achievement of students for several reasons including the lack of guidance, the amount of work, and the abundance of time to complete it.
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You don’t need to be a scientist to see then the obvious flaw with the system. The students are certainly not benefiting from the extra practice if it all takes place at once. Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford University School of Education, confirms, “summer homework fails to serve its purpose if it causes undue stress on kids and families, if it is done all at once in a last minute rush, or if it is viewed as meaningless busywork.” With a minimal workload, though tedious and boring, this isn’t a problem for students to handle. However, deleterious effects can occur when the procrastination from students is combined with the immense amount of work given by some teachers.
When teachers decide to pile on the summer homework for the “benefit” of students, this presents a whole new list of problematic possibilities. To obtain a huge stack of packets, books, supplementary worksheets, and an eight page list of assignments is very intimidating and overwhelming for a student believing their summer break has arrived. Unfortunately, it’s time to lock the door, close the curtains, and unplug the tv because “summer break” isn’t coming this year kids. When we look at the consequences of this massive amount of work, the obvious words that come to mind are stress and frustration (Crawford). And it is these consequences that cripple both social plans with friends and vacation plans with families (Pope). Nancy Kalish, an author of a book that discusses the effects of homework, agrees how summer homework in particular “steals time away from other important aspects of learning such as play, which helps kids master social skills and teamwork.” She also adds that with these assignments students would “spend fewer hours being physically active, which is essential for good health and weight control, not to mention proper brain development.” It seems as though the very aspect summer homework was trying to help, it can ironically damage. And I believe it is safe to say that with having to re-schedule/re-arrange vacations, which may have been planned months in advance, parents, and their wallets won’t be smiling either–a sort of snowball effect, if you like, from the desks and minds of students...

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