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Firstly, let us put emphasis on which community (Reardan or “the rez,” )does Junior
struggle the most to be himself? For me, I agree with the idea that Junior struggle
the most to be himself in reagan. The following reasons can support my opinion.
1. Readen is a white people’s residential area, people of other races are special,
like black people, indian people. They have different history, different
recognition, different background and different opinions. Therefore, Indians will
be different thing for Readen obviously. The residents need to not only spend
more time accepting indians but also seek some same thing with indians to help
themselves to accept indians. Obviously, for people living in the strange town
that doesn’t belong to them, they always have to spend more time being
accepted by the original residents. Besides, they need to become familiar with
the residents so that they could make friends with each other. In Readen, Junior
is the special one and is a stranger for the residents, so he will struggle most in
2. The story happened in the old time, which is far from now, so people’s perception
is different from now. They might keep some traditional ideas. Among these ideas,
racist is very serious. It is more difficult for people at that time to accept other races
living in their residential area than people at the present time. Unfortunately, Junior
was born in the old time.
secondly, we need think about what the junior gain from readen? from wellpinit?
what the each community gain...

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