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Summer Term Reflection Paper

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Summer Term Reflection Paper
As I look back on the beginning of my journey to a better career and life I can remember the weeks and months leading up to the first day of class. I remember visiting the college and speaking with an advisor to decide exactly what it was I wanted to do, and the steps it would take for me to reach my goals. I recall talking with the advisor about the requirements for my General Education credits as well my need to take a preparatory class for algebra because I scored to low on the placement exam to be allowed to take the full college level math. Along with the preparatory math class my advisor told me that I needed to take “Foundations for College Success”, which I questioned. My advisor explained that the course would lay a solid foundation for me to build my college expectations and learning on by explaining what to expect from college as well as how to handle some of the out of the ordinary roadblocks that college life would undoubtedly throw my way. I remember thinking as probably most all new students do “I don’t need this” or “This is just a filler class, it can’t possibly show me anything I don’t already know”, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. As I near the end of my time in the Foundations for College Success course I can truly say I am glad I was required to take the course as it provided me with an invaluable wealth of knowledge that will help me throughout the rest of my journey.
As I try to recall all that I learned from this course and convey that information to you I will no doubt leave something out. I would like to start by saying that any omission isn’t from lack of importance, but more so a tough decision on what to put into this paper from the massive amount of information learned over the course of this program. I will say that among my favorite things presented to me during the course would be the wide array of guest speakers. My favorite speaker was Mr. J.T. Revenau, I am sure I am butchering the spelling of his name, but his stories of his experiences helped open my eyes to what hard work and dedication to following ones dreams can do. Another great guest speaker was Mrs. Kathleen VanBalsom from the student success center; I found her information about the services provided in the student success center such as career development, financial and academic advising, and registration to be very helpful for getting ready for the upcoming fall term. Our guest speak Art Chiang from the Library was also very helpful with his explanation of how to use the Library search tools for obtaining information from the library on just about any subject I may need to research in my journey through college. The last guest speaker I would like to refer to is our last one of the term Mrs. Melinda Santos; I particularly found useful her explanation of how your grants, loans, and scholarships worked together. I can say that the guest speakers were definitely one of my favorite parts...

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