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This is the way they have us do a book reoport at our school summer reading for history: Truman by: David McCullough Pgs 30-31 "Lane [a union general] and his Kansans [the union soldiers] proceeded to shoot four hundred Hampshire hogs [that belonged to Harriet Louisa, Harry's maternal grandmother], then cut out only the hams, leaving the rest to rot. Harriet Louisa was ordered to bake biscuits, which she did "˜until her hands blistered.'" The pillaging Of Harry's grandparents house is shocking to me. When I thought of the pillaging of houses in the civil war I would never have thought that it had happened to such historic people. I thought it only happened to the people who where nameless. I thought of it as "˜war', I never put a face on the people it affected.Pg 42-45 "[Harry being nine years old] He appears to have liked school from the start"..."By now he was reading "˜everything I could get my hands on'"..."He dreamed of becoming a great general"..."Harry was fascinated by trains"..."[he] felt incapable of any sport with a moving ball." Young Harry Truman liked school, was into books, but unlike most kids of his generation felt unable to participate in any sports with a moving ball.He wanted to become a soldier, and he loved trains. He was able to explore all the sides of his personality.Pg. 56 "Early in the morning, sometimes before Mr. Clinton [the store owner] arrived, the good church members and anti-saloon Leaguers would come in [to the drug store where Harry worked]."..."He would set the bottle on the corner and wait. "˜They'd put their dimes on the counter, and I'd leave all those dimes there until Mr. Clinton came in, and he'd put them in the cash register.' It was because these costumers were such counterfeits that he hated having any part in the transaction, Far better, he thought, were the "˜tough old birds' around town who bought a proper drink in a real saloon whenever they wished, regardless of appearances." Their was something about these church members and anti-saloon leaguers trying to look good but not be good doesn't sit right with me. It is like they are trying to lie to the populace and that makes it worse than if they just bought a drink.Pg. 62 "As he would later explain to Bessie Wallace [Harry's wife, "˜When I buy a cow for $30 and then sell her to someone for $50 it always seems to me that I am really robbing the person of $20.'" I live in the opposite world. My father flea markets and the whole point is to make as much profit on an item as you can. If the other guy feels happy buying the cow for the raised price then he can buy it for that and have no problems then its fine to make a little money.Pg. 109 "As Marks [Harry's friend who was originally from England] would always remember Harry had asked him how long he had been in the country. Marks said six months and Harry responded "˜You speak pretty good English for...

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