Summit Challenge Of A Successful Life

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It seems hard to be unique than others in this world, especially when you would like to write about yourself. However, childhood experiences, events or life challenges, even if their ways are similar, everyone may have his/her own in a different style. When you read the word “Abbas” in this autobiography, this is the most special thing that I ever had. Abbas is an Arabic name that means “lion” or “that the loins run away from him.” This is my full name, Abbas Hamoud Drhim Alsharaf Alnajrani. I was born in the city of Dhahran in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia on February 9th, 1984. I was the fourth born into my family, with two older brothers, one lovely older sister, and two younger brothers. As well, I have my own small family including my pretty wife Naeema, my little cute daughter Rahaf, and the tiny sweet newborn girl Amani. My father (Allah grant mercy upon his soul) was a wise man and had a strong personality, while my mother is a wonderful housewife. In a roomy house, I lived with my family under one roof, in addition to my elder brother Hamad’s family.
Regarding our religious affiliation, we are Muslims who only believe in Allah as God who created everything, knows everything and is able to do anything. The dominant culture of Saudi society is Islam, and this lets families be very close to each other, supportive for their individuals, and provide assistance as a united social network.
However, Dhahran is only my birthplace. It is around thirty-eight miles away from Abqaiq where I grew up and studied until I finished high school. Even though it is located in the desert, Abqaiq is an industrial city that is considered a vital work area for the Saudi Aramco Company.
On the other hand, my hometown is Najran which is located in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia. In the heart of the city of Najran, specifically the Al-Mansoura Area, is the glorious home of my ancestors and the birthplace of my father and my mother. It will be for my offspring as well.
When I was young, I used to travel with my family to Najran every summer vacation. Usually, we traveled from Abqaiq to Najran by our car around 840 miles. Moreover, we would visit our relatives and friends. Habitually, my family and our relative’s families planned to go out together for a picnic in the forest on the weekends. There, some of us prepared the sitting place and barbecues, and others went hunting. As a young boy, the children and I played, running, laughing and hiding among the trees. After sundown, we sat and talked around the fire and others sang folk songs and dancedtogether. Sometimes, we stayed for camping. Always, this was an amusing and delightful time for me since our relative’s families were together as one big family.
My childhood was awesome especially when my siblings, my nephews, and I were waiting for my father to get back home. We got used to seeing him enter the home with a broad smile on his face and his hand behind his back. As a result, we would remain...

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