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The Elements Of A Good Horror Story As Exemplified In Frankenstein.

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I believe the criteria for a good horror story is very diverse. A high quality horror story is realistic, and makes the reader believe that what is happening in the story could happen to them. Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, explains how Victor Frankenstein, a student at Ingolstadt (28), grasps the idea of being capable of bestowing life upon an inanimate object (37). This novel is not an impractical vampire or alien story. It is a reasonable happening. Using the intelligence Frankenstein had acquired from books, his father, and M. Waldman, it is very possible that he could have created a human being from dead matter. I also believe a good horror story includes some type of murder or desolation, which needs to be presented in a comprehensive manner. If a book describes these terrible scenes with great detail, the reader will be much more frightened. When a novel can form pictures in its reader's mind, I consider it a successful story. If a story is describing a murder, and the reader can visualize this scene in his/her mind, it would be very chilling. Saying that "someone was murdered" is not enough detail. This makes for an ineffective book. Another example might be if a book were to explain how the murderer slowly revealed the pistol from his pocket, while his victim waited completely unaware of her depressing fate. He would then stick the weapon to her back and pull the trigger, an immediate pool of blood forming on the floor. This would make for a much more interesting and attention-grabbing tale. These were a few of my ideas that I would add to the list of criteria for a good horror story.Along with my own thoughts, I also agree with the criteria listed on theCulminating Activity sheet. "Draws on our disgust" is a very important element of an effective...

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