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Sun, Moon And Talia Book Analysis

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One of the first versions of Sleeping Beauty was published by Charles Perrault in 1697. However, he based his story on a tale by Giambattista Basile in 1634, called Sun, Moon and Talia. A lord got a beautiful daughter, named Talia. He asked many astrologers and wise men to tell him her fate and after a while they concluded that she would be put in great danger by a splinter of flax. The lord ensured that no flax, hemp or anything of that kind was brought into the house to keep his daughter safe.

When Talia was older, she looked out the window and saw an old woman spinning on a spindle. Talia had never seen one and because of her curiosity, she walked over to the woman and asked if she could stretch the flax. Once she did, a splinter of flax went under her nail and she dropped down dead. The old woman ran away in horror and as soon as the father heard of the horrifying news, he ran to the corpse and cried in misery. He put her to bed in her most beautiful clothes. He could not bear the thought of burying her, so he and his staff moved to his country estate so his daughter could rest in peace in their old home.

After some time had passed, a king went hunting in the forest near the resting place of Talia with his servants and a falcon. The bird escaped and flew through one of the windows of the house. The falcon did not respond to the calls of the king, so he sent a servant to knock on the door and ask for the bird’s return. However, there was no answer at the door and the door itself was locked. The king decided that he would retrieve the bird himself and climbed up the walls. When he jumped through the window, he saw the most lovely girl he had ever laid eyes on, sleeping in her bed. He could not help desiring her and made love to her. He left her on the bed and returned to his own city, where pressing business made him think no more about the incident.

However, the girl had not been dead, but merely unconscious. After 9 months she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and girl, with the help of a fairy. One day, one of the two infants started sucking on his mother’s finger and drew out the splinter of flax. Talia awoke and although she did not know how the children had come to her, she embraced them with love and called them Sun and Moon. The fairy helped her raise her children and provided them with drinks and food.

The king at last remembered Talia and went back to her house to...

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